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Good day to you, brothers and sisters in Christ at Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church.


You have heard rumors, seen the cameras and noted the man in the back of the church hunched over the sound system at the services.  It is an ongoing effort to enable you to see and hear the services at St. Michael’s over your home computer – available free to all.


This short article is a very basic “How To” to access the livestream audio and video that is available to you.


Method 1:  Through the Church Website:

For the currently “on air” stream, OR to access the most recent video recorded simply direct your web browser to


When the home page comes onto your screen, please note that there is a graphic of a TV in the upper right corner.  Navigate your mouse pointer to that little graphic, and “double click” on it.  You will be then be taken to the livestream viewing page.


If we are then “on air” you will see the service as it happens.  If not “on air” the latest recorded service will come up and start playing for you.


Have your speakers on, and if you want to, make the display full screen.

That’s it for the simplest way to view our livestream!


Method 2: Through the Ustream website:

Again for the current “on air” stream and to access all our archived streams, direct your web browser to the following address:


This will open up directly on the Saint Michael's Channel of Ustream.  If we are then “on air” you will see the service as it happens.  If not “on air” the latest recorded service is available for your viewing along with all those services we have saved to the website.   Simply select the service (note the date within the title) and let it run!


There you have it, the two easiest ways to view the livestreamed services here at Saint Michael's.   When you access these pages – be certain to bookmark them for ease of access next time!


We of the livestreaming crew have been learning and improving.  The difference between the first streams and the current ones REALLY shows our learning curve!


Just a couple notes and a plea for understanding:

  1. One of the things you will see is that a grey frame often appears around faces in the video.  It is there only for a short time and then disappears. We are working on that issue- hopefully to get rid of it soon.


  2. We have two cameras in use, and the view will often switch out between them, and also to a lovely graphic of Saint Francis with his prayer.  During those times, we are adjusting the moveable camera to a new shot usually – hang in there!


  3.  The early livestreams did not capture our Choir, and that is a shame.  However, the most recent ones have the beautiful sound of our Super Choir on the soundtrack – many thanks to Roger and the Choir for there cooperation on this!


  4. We are truly novices that work with the sound/video system.  Amateurs only.  So, we beg your forgiveness for our “boo –boos” in the learning of the system.  (Occasionally, there will be “glitches” in the recording that is due to an error on our part). The livestream team is all volunteers, and NONE of us are audio/video professionals. We are doing our best to continually improve the product you see and hear.  Because this is new to US as well, we humbly ask that you bear with us as we gain experience through practice of recording and airing the services. Thank you, brothers and sisters for your understanding.


In our next installment of the Livestreaming “how to”, I will present a “View From the Back” - what is called for and goes on in a typical livestreaming session.  After reading the overview, if you desire to assist this ministry there will be opportunities to join the Livestream Team.


May your day be richly Blessed!


Mark Price

Current “Livestreamer in Chief” while the bugs are being exterminated in the system! 

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